Health man listening to his ipad on a cheery walk

Our staff values and emphasizes the importance of participation in our activities program, which is offered seven days a week. Social engagement, including fine dining experiences, exercise classes, religious services, outdoor gardening, and entertainment events, are all excellent opportunities to enhance the quality of life for our residents. Our team strives to create a fun, diverse Daily Activities Calendar that is reminiscent of a cruise ship experience, resulting in cognitive stimulation and a positive outlook on all that life has to offer. We want to create pleasurable memories while addressing the needs of each resident. Visiting family and friends are welcomed to join in, too!

Our active Resident Council meets monthly to discuss new prospective policies, changes in administration and matters of concern. Additionally, they vote on a resident meal of the month, which allows the selection of a certain meal they would like that may not be typically offered. Resident Council also discusses new activities and family night opportunities they would enjoy.

It’s Our Pleasure to Offer

  • Art Therapy
  • Beauty/Barbershop Services
  • Community Field Trips
  • Cooking Classes
  • Daily Activities Calendar
  • Exercise Classes
  • Fine Dining Experiences
  • Fruit-Infused Hydration Station
  • Gardening Opportunities
  • Historical Photo Package Display
  • IN2L Experiences
  • Movies
  • Multi-Sensory Experiences
  • Music Therapy
  • Pet Therapy, including Resident Dog
  • Piano
  • Religious Services & Pastoral Care
  • Resident Council
  • Sensory Spa Experiences
  • Whole Person Care