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Adamsville Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center has a lot of heart and we want it to show! That’s why we encourage and trust that every facility employee meets every resident and family member with friendliness, enthusiasm and an attitude that is responsive. Customer relations is a foundational principle that we continually build upon, and we subsequently communicate to others that our collective teams are here to help and serve.

We expect each facility employee to provide the highest quality care to residents and their families. Each expectation is clearly defined in our written program, which outlines the ultimate goal of developing relationships and improving overall resident and family satisfaction. As an employee of Adamsville, this commitment to quality care and level of service is essential.

Knowing that positive leadership improves attitudes and results in stronger work ethic, our executive team leads by example to support each facility team member to learn, respect and uphold company standards. Having strong leadership that illustrates compassion creates an overall positive environment that influences and inspires facility employees, which is a key contributor to Adamsville’s success in terms of how we impact those entrusted into our care.

From orientation training and quarterly learning courses to role-playing activities and fun ways to showcase our pride for extraordinary service encounters, we recognize that we are never given a second chance to make a strong first or lasting impression.

Beginning with a greeting on the telephone or in person, we know that our customers deserve a positive first encounter. Additionally, our guests are entitled to environmental cleanliness, fine dining experiences, fun activities, and above all, quality nursing care and sensitivity when it’s needed most. Family support is offered during a Graceful End-of-Life Transition and our staff is ready to provide compassionate care. Even a last encounter at Adamsville should be positive.

Our Adamsville team encourages residents and families to submit their feedback on the level of care received in our facility at any time they would like. Please see our Resident and Family Satisfaction Surveys online to share your private perceptions, experiences, grievances, and compliments. Paper formats are also available in our facility.